Sunday, March 13, 2016

7DRL 2016: Day 5

Today was devoted to progression and polish. I tweaked the level generator so it could generate levels of increasing size and difficulty and strung them together in sequence. Then I added a help menu and tidied up some of the presentation to try and make it clearer what is going on. In the screenshot below the player is getting smacked around by the guard.

I cut a bunch of stuff but the resulting game should be good for a few minutes of fun. We have a giant wind storm and power is spotty in the neighborhood so I'm going to call it good.

Here's a link to the zip file containing the game. It runs on Windows. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Great entry, congrats! :) I really enjoy ThiefRL 2, maybe even more than his antecessor. However, I miss lockpicking feature a bit. Since game is sort of campaign, could you please implement save / load system?

James McNeill said...

Thank you! Looks like you did a 7DRL this year too; congratulations likewise. I have downloaded it and played a bit; I'll try to do more tonight when I get home.

Save/load is not a bad idea, although if the game's going to be played for a long stretch it should probably have better progression than it currently does. This is basically all the progression there is:

* First level is 3x2 with no guards.
* Second level has one guard.
* The range of potential level sizes gradually increases up to level 5.
* The guard density ramps up until level 23, from one guard per five rooms to two guards per five rooms.
* Creaky floors are introduced on level 4.

The level dimensions are computed by adding together coin flips, with more coins being added for each level. Thus it's still possible to get small mansions past level 5 but it's not likely.

Anonymous said...

Thanks :) Yeah, I made Rogue with Purple Heart for 7DRL2016. I will try to improve my entry in next days (7DRL version has a lot of issues, mostly about balancing and program efficiency)... I think about making simple framework from scratch - code base which I'm using is old and, well, not-so-good in many areas.

I think that ThiefRl 2 is supposed to be coffebreak roguelike so lack of save / load feature isn't very painful, but if you implemented (even basic) progression... One more question - did you think about adding prompt to exit function? This is minor thing, I hope you don't feel my 'issues' as harrasment or something similar :)

James McNeill said...

No problem; thanks for the feedback! I had time for only minimal testing before release so it's good to get notes about how to improve.

Yeah, a prompt before exit would probably be good. I need to put in a compile switch between development and release builds, to strip out the debug hotkeys and add in things like the "Are you sure you want to quit?" check.

I played a bit more of Rogue with Purple Heart. I'm not sure I've figured out how to shoot yet; I think I press F, aim, then press Enter? The Enter key doesn't always seem to work though.

Anonymous said...

You are right: f -> aim -> [enter] / F. It works for me all time, could you provide some more details? Type of aimed enemy, type of equipped weapon, nearby environment elements? What reveals this issue? Lack of message, or other things?