Friday, March 11, 2016

7DRL 2016: Day 3

I've got more-or-less passable courtyard mansion levels going.

There are still room decorations to place and some bugs to fix with the existing room decorations. I'm trying to represent the hierarchy of the space by having the upper quarter or so of the rooms be a “master suite.” Eventually there will be more of the treasure here, and I've experimented with having locks separating it from the rest of the house.

Getting guards to patrol in a reasonable fashion is proving difficult. There are many more chokepoints in these levels than in my previous test levels, so guards tend to get stuck trying to go through doorways in opposing directions.

For a bit more thinking-on-your-feet, I decided to switch from fixed patrol routes to a system where guards wander from room to room, exiting a different way than they came in. I'm still in the middle of implementing that, though. My hope is that if two guards happen to bump into each other in a room they can exchange a couple of lines of dialogue and then head their separate ways.

The one-way windows work pretty well. I want to restrict visibility to be one-way through them as well, but I don't know if I'll get to that. At the moment the player can see through them but the guards can't.

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