Thursday, March 10, 2016

7DRL 2016: Day 2

It's the end of my second day of work on this year's Seven-Day Roguelike entry.

The first day was devoted to fixing bugs and finishing some refactoring I'd begun a long time ago. I wanted to render objects like tables and chairs on top of the floor, with alpha, instead of having the table or chair tile completely replace the underlying floor. It is mostly aesthetic, but it is a pain to get right.

One of my main goals for this round, as I said in the last entry, is to make a random level generator that works for stealth gameplay. Darren Gray warns not to mess around with level generation in a 7DRL, but I've got gameplay that basically works and I had never managed to come up with a random level generator for it.

I grabbed the starship generator from my old SpaceRL project and have been cleaning it up and turning it into something that can generate courtyard houses.

The little wedge-shaped things in the walls are supposed to be one-way windows. The idea is that they're up higher, or latched from inside, or something like that so you can jump through them one way but not the other. This is to give the player quick escapes from inner areas toward outer areas. I don't know yet if it'll work as intended; I haven't got guard patrols into the generator yet. That'll be the first thing for tomorrow.

Hopefully the last day or two I can work on the graphics so they're not quite as hard to look at. My main priorities, though, are to get a random level generator that produces fun levels, and to try to tell a bit of story.

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