Saturday, March 12, 2016

7DRL 2016: Day 4

The game looks pretty much the same today as yesterday, but it's actually somewhat entertaining to play now.

The guard patrols work more-or-less as expected. There are a couple of pathfinding bugs (guards occasionally move on top of each other, or double back unexpectedly) but they're relatively minor.

The other big gameplay change was to streamline and have the player implicitly open and close doors, instead of doing it explicitly. This keeps the flow going better and requires less fiddly stuff.

Not much to see in the screenshot. There is a bit of furniture you can hide under inside the house now.

Tomorrow is the wrap-up. I still need to put in a help screen, level win conditions, and a level progression. If I have time I'd like to get in a collectible key that grants access to the upper blue-floored parts of the levels, and there are a couple of other functionality changes on the list.

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