Sunday, March 4, 2018

7DRL 2018: Begin

Tap, tap. Is this thing on?

It's time to reanimate the blog for the annual Seven-day Roguelike Challenge. I've participated the last three years; you can find those games on

The 7DRL is always a high point of the year for me. I'm a professional big-budget game developer, and those types of games can take a long time to make. The last one I shipped came out in August 2014. It's refreshing to push a game all the way through to release on a regular basis. In addition I've helped out a bit with 7DRL judging, and it's really energizing to see the creativity everyone puts into their games.

This year I'm intending to make a game along the lines of Dynasty Warriors, albeit with very crude 2D graphics. Also I am not a Dynasty Warriors player, so I'm working mainly from second-hand descriptions. It should be great! If you're unfamiliar with the franchise, it's about a super-hero with a sword going up against vast armies of soldiers. The main franchise is set in the Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history; they've done spin-offs into European history, Gundam, Zelda, Dragon Warrior, other anime, etc. etc. It's a prolific line of games.

So far I have a simple framework set up on top of GLFW; it looks something like this:

The yellow circle is the player and the pinkish circles are enemies. You can move around with a game controller and the enemies move toward you.

Today's goal is to work out an acceptable one-on-one combat mechanic.

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