Friday, March 9, 2018

2018 7DRL: Day 6

It ain't looking great. I've got the thirty seconds of fun (as Jaime Griesemer said once about Halo) but that's about it. There is still a fair amount of tuning to do on that thirty seconds, too.

Today's work:

  • Link statically to the C runtime library, so I don't need to have people install the DLL
  • Fool around with an enemy territory mechanic, with friendly soldiers and enemy soldiers marshaling on either sides of the front
  • Simplify the debris system
  • Add a player health meter
  • Tune the runnning-charge enemy attack

As part of doing the health meter I ended up learning about OpenGL scissoring, so I could ensure that if the window was resized you wouldn't be able to see outside the play area. I'm using the area outside to spawn in enemies now so I want them to move in across the edge.

There is still a lot of tuning and bug fixing on the core combat feel, without going into new features like a boss or combo attacks. The game really needs things like the latter to give the player interesting things over a longer time scale. I also don't have any text rendering (or texturing) capabilities right now. So the game's very bare-bones.

The territory was kind of a waste of time. I'd thought perhaps it could help serve as a place for the player to retreat to for a breather, or could give a medium-term goal of pushing the battle front to the right. But it doesn't really add anything in its current form.

I'll put the game up on at the end of the day tomorrow for anyone who wants to try it out. I'm not sure if I'll enter it in the Roguelike challenge for judging; it really isn't a Roguelike in any meaningful sense. At least I've gotten a chance to work on some things I've wanted to flesh out for a while, and it forms a good basis for further experiments.

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