Thursday, March 9, 2017

7DRL 2017: Day 5

Today was mostly devoted to getting some terrain features and monsters going again.

The monster AI I was using before was way too expensive for the size of map I have now. I replaced it with a small Dijkstra map centered on the player. If monsters are on it, they use it to approach the player. Otherwise they use a cheaper long-distance distance field that just sends them to the nearest cabin.

Right at the end of the day I tried a long skinnier map instead of a square one. I think it fits with the idea of driving down a road better.

The game's still not very interesting, and I don't have a lot of time left to work on it. Oh well; we'll see what can be done. I think the driving is kind of interesting; it is a bit challenging to learn how to do. Right now you just drive over monsters to kill them; kind of a high-speed version of bump-to-attack. They will hit the car if they are next to it on their turn.

The car has an indicator that looks like a 3x3 grid of dots (with the center dot replaced by a circle):

If you don't accelerate, you'll go to the circle in the center next turn. (You do that by pressing the 5 key in the middle of the numpad.) If you press any of the other numpad keys you'll accelerate/decelerate, which will place the car at the corresponding white dot. Dots marked red mean the car can't do them; this happens when you are at the top speed for the terrain you're on, for instance, or if you ran off the road and are forced to decelerate.

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