Wednesday, March 11, 2015

7DRL Day 5

I've been mostly working on trying to get a rush-attack model working with the enemies. The idea is that, since if you bump an enemy they die, it doesn't make sense for them to attack one by one. Rather, they should wait just out of range until there are two or more of them ready to rush in; that way they can be guaranteed of doing some damage.

It's been surprisingly challenging for me to work this out, so I've de-scoped the game radically. I grabbed the tiles from the excellent Dawnlike tileset and reskinned the game as a fight against goblins, since goblins typically use this mobbing tactic in games. Here's a screenshot of the work in progress:

I've thrown up a web page for the game, too, with a build in progress.

I think it's starting to be a bit fun, so that's good. It's slightly challenging to complete a map without dying.

The "transmitters" that I had with the signal-hunting mechanic are now hidden potions that restore one of your health hearts. I have no idea what the fiction for that is; it'll probably get changed up before release.

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