Thursday, December 10, 2009

Slight update to lunar lander prototype

I've uploaded a new version to the website with a couple of small changes:
  • Tuned the steering jet controller so it doesn't overshoot
  • Changed X/Z zoom controls to operate continuously
  • Fixed camera smoothing so it doesn't lag behind the rocket


Worthstream said...

Since you're updating, would it be possible to have the little green indicator pointing in the direction ou want the rocket to steer not scale with the zooming?
It is impossible to steer the rocket and view the planet at the same time, making it difficult to plan long trajectories.

James McNeill said...

Yes, that's high on my priority list. The original orbital prototype had a scale-invariant orientation indicator, and I just didn't get around to reimplementing it in time. (It used a texture, and I ripped out the texture-loading code to avoid a dependency on the D3DX libraries, to make it easier to distribute.)