Monday, December 7, 2009

Lunar Lander: prototype version 1 released

Here is the first released version of my Lunar Lander program. It runs under Windows and requires Direct3D 9 to be installed. I had hoped to have more of a game by my deadline but didn't have time to implement much, so I've tried to tie things off so it is relatively bug-free and playable. Once some of the holiday madness subsides I will make another release.

You can fly the orange, spherical rocket around the planet and attempt to make soft landings. There are a couple of control schemes of varying difficulty. Controls in a nutshell:
  • Steer with the mouse
  • Accelerate with the left mouse button
  • Zoom view in/out with X/Z or 1-5
  • Restart if you get stuck with R
  • Esc pauses and displays additional help.
Known issues:
  • Occasionally the aiming rockets will rotate the vehicle the long way around.
  • It is possible to get positive feedback by pressing Tab to accelerate time while simultaneously increasing the orbit size; this will blow up the simulation and require a restart.

Once again, thanks to Scott Lembke for his Chipmunk physics engine, a heavily-modified version of which lurks within. Thanks also to my testers: Tom Elmer, Seth McNeill and David McNeill. Enjoy!

I've released a couple of other little games in the past:
  • ThiefRL, an attempt to amalgamate Thief with Rogue
  • SpaceRL, a very small Roguelike exploring zero-gravity movement


Scott said...

Very cool. I can already see a lot of Thrust-like potential. :)

James McNeill said...

Thanks! Of the Thrust-likes, Gravitron 2's one of my inspirations. If I ever acquire a PS3 I'd like to try out PixelJunk Shooter and Gravity Crash, too; they look they're in the same ballpark. Gravity Crash in particular looks exactly like a gussied-up version of Gravitron 2. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some ancestry there.