Monday, July 14, 2008

City Generation Progress

Here's a visual progress report on random city construction (click for larger versions):

I'm still not happy with it but it's coming. I need major roads which are very wide and connect gates to major compounds (palace, temple, market), minor roads which run fairly straight, and then alleyways which are narrow and twisty. I'd like for major and minor roads not to have any dead ends. I'd also like a little variation in building footprint thickness. I'll need landmarks as well, like open squares where major roads meet.

Figuring out how to marry my rectilinear buildings to the curvy river is another problem. I may make the river chunkier, or I may put in terrain features like park that can assume any shape in the triangular blank spaces.

The current algorithm involves figuring out which squares on a larger grid will contain buildings; then connecting each building square to one of its neighbors.

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