Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Restarting Lander Development

The past six months have been very busy at work. We also experimented with having my computer out in the family room, where the TV is.

Now it's back in the bedroom, and work's less hectic. I'm restarting work on my Thrust-alike with an eye toward getting something done and released, even if it is dirt simple.

There are so many things that need to be done it's been hard to decide where to start. At the moment I'm sorting out issues with having planets of different radii. Gravity ramps up linearly as you move from the center of the planet toward the surface, then falls off quadratically as you rise above the surface. The planet's radius was 1.0 which made that pretty simple.

After that, I will probably put a bit of effort into coming up with slightly more interesting planets to fly around. The camera continues to be a problem spot, so I'll keep trying things there.


Andy Korth said...


James McNeill said...

Indeed. My New Year's resolutions look pretty laughable now. Oh well: onward.

Gravity is sorted now, I think. I'd ended up with a half-dozen different places evaluating it independently, which was dumb.