Monday, January 3, 2011

Ogg Vorbis

I have been debugging stb_vorbis.cpp, Sean Barrett's Ogg Vorbis decoding library. Somehow it is not unpacking the Huffman code tables correctly. Since it is broken on every .ogg file I've tried I think it must be somehow related to the way I'm compiling it.

Digging into the .ogg file format has been interesting. All the audio I record has identical code tables on the front (I'm encoding with Audacity), which amount to about 3.5 KB. Ogg is different from other compressed audio formats in that it doesn't have any assumed decoding tables; they all have to be embedded into the file. If you put individual lines of dialog into their own .ogg files that adds up to quite a bit of overhead (about 20% for my lines which are currently around 17 KB each).

A tidbit I learned: DVD audio is sampled at 48 KHz, rather than being the same rate as CDs (44.1 KHz). I'd wondered why PS3 games had 48 KHz audio; now I know why.

I've been thinking about how to complete my lunar lander project so I can move on to others. Part of the problem is that I haven't really settled out which direction I want to take the gameplay. More later; have to go to work now.

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