Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bathroom Guy

My quest to avoid making an art pipeline continues. I couldn't sleep last night so I replaced the landing targets with little guys that wave their arms.

These are made out of five capsules (which can have different radii at the two endpoints) and one circle (for the head). I'm still working out the relative scale of the guys to the rocket.

Next up is to make ramps that fold down from the rocket, and have the guys move aboard. They probably won't animate much yet (if any) while they move.


Scott said...

So why "Bathroom guy"? Is he waving his arms because he has to use the loo on the rocket?

Actually, that would make a great iPhone game. "Astro Latrine" Like Oids, but with more flushing sounds. iPhone users in large numbers LOVE fart jokes from what I can tell.

Mark said...

Art pipelines are a pain in the rear, especially if you're doing anything besides using generic sprites. After an agonizing interlude with Inkscape I'm strongly tempted to create vector art for my game by using graph paper.

James McNeill said...

Scott: When he puts his arms down he looks like a lavatory-door gender sign.

Mark: Sooner or later I'll have to bite the bullet and put something together. But it is surprising how far you can get with graph paper. Nobody would mistake this for anything but programmer art, but it gets the point across.

I'm mulling over how to make the character art work in 2D. I just watched Sita Sings the Blues for inspiration. A beautiful and entertaining film, although you'll probably be burnt out on Annette Hanshaw by the end.