Monday, May 10, 2010

Simplified, triangulated terrain

I've continued to work on the terrain for my lunar-lander-on-a-disc game. The polygons are now simplified, which cuts out a lot of little bits that result from evaluating on a grid. It also lets me dial up the grid resolution so things are smoother where they need to be. After that I dropped in my polygon triangulation code. Right now the terrain clocks in at around 4000 triangles. This is how it looks with edges shown (click to enlarge):

Now I am working on offsetting the polygons by the radius of the rocket, in order to produce new polygons representing the accessible surface (and thus possible landing sites).

The next step is to intersect the new polygons (both with each other and with themselves), which should produce new interior polygons that can be stripped by examining their signed area.

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