Monday, June 15, 2009

I beg to report to you

I continued to work on my Haskell port of Hamurabi. (Here's a PHP version of Hamurabi that you can play in your browser.) It is nearly feature-complete; the yearly cycle works but it does not have impeachment or the final report after ten years. However it is still rather ugly. I should have something to share by next week.

I want to finish this up and move back onto ThiefRL. I've decided to bite the bullet and try a different turn order. I want to see what it's like when guards can prevent the player from getting past them, but to do that I need them to be able to see which way the player wants to move so they can intercept. So the turn order will be something like:
  • Display
  • Get player input
  • Get guard input (with guards looking at player input)
  • Resolve player's and guards' movements

The current turn order is mostly an “I go, you go” type of thing. The main exception is that guards' awareness is updated at the display point, rather than at the moment of their turn, thus ensuring that they see the world as it was displayed to the player.

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